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You can always brag about what you can do and how good you are but the best advertisement is a satisfied customer. And customer satisfaction will always be the most important thing for Eborn Interactive.


When we have a lot of work and internal resources are not sufficient, it is nice that Eborn Interactive are within easy reach. Ola has helped us with a bit of everything and we have always been very satisfied. He is thorough, quick and pleasant. A good extra resource.
Susanne Lindblad
Production Manager, F.E.W.
As a brand new start-up company, with a very small budget, Eborn Interative managed to create a world class website. Ola worked intimately with us and realised our vision by creating an outstanding web design. We can only state how much praise we have received from friends, colleagues and customers since the launched the site. We highly recommend Ola and Eborn Interactive.
Jaan Oldin
CEO/Founder, GO Heli & Cat Skiing
Ola at Eborn Interactive is one of our favorite suppliers. Flexible, fast and with a great understanding of how a project is best implemented. We can see our graphics pop up on the screen pixel by pixel and his good understanding of design helps in all our projects. We have even put Ola in direct contact with some of our clients and they have only good things to say about him.
Niclas Schüler
Art Director / Founder, Curt Design Studio
The Royal Swedish Aero Club was in need of an attractive website that would be simple to administer. Eborn Interactive gave us just that! Ola was great to work together with and came up with great ideas and solutions to our problems. All deliveries were made on time and with good communication, which only strengthens the image of Eborn Interactive as being a company to trust!
Hans Pålsson
Webmaster, The Royal Swedish Aero Club
Our new website was created in an excellent collaboration with Eborn Interactive and Fikon Design. In this collaboration Ola was responsive to our wishes, while he, with his technical skills and his sense of quality and detail, made ​​sure we got an aesthetically pleasing website, which have received much praise from our users!
Kalli Klement
Director, Swedish Art Associations
Ola is a programmer who knows both design and programming. It allows me give him the details and trust that the result will be good. And good it is. I'm very happy with my website, www.fikondesign.se
Cajsa Fredlund
Art Director, Fikon Design
We have received help to build a new and modern website. We are now able alter our website in an easy way. We also received delivery according promised date.

We can heartily recommend Eborn Interactive and Ola Eborn.
Kaj Gellberg
SEO, TellCom Syd AB
Awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work.
Jon Woods
Director, 525 Graphic Design - London
We export our products to the whole world and has customers in nearly 70 countries. Very exciting, but also a challenge. We needed a clear and easy to navigate website. With a clean, attractive design and easy-access editing tools, today we have a page that meets our expectations by far. Fast response times are vital for us and that's what we get with Eborn Interactive. Ola Eborn deliver.
Ulla Billing
Sales and Marketing Director, Presona AB
Since Ola has developed the new website for inMoves we have received a major boost on the way the site looks and behaves. The discussion and collaboration with Ola to come up with good solutions and appearance went very smoothly. Ola is creative, fast and comes with good suggestions of solutions to meet your business needs. I can heartily recommend Ola if you have plans to develop a new website.
Dan Bengtsson
Instructor and owner, InMoves Dance Company
We have over the years successfully engaged Eborn Interactive to our projects. Eborn Interactive and Ola Eborn has shown great devotion and provided us with expertise in both graphic design as well as technological development.
Martín Prieto de la Fuente
Technical Project Manager, Fuente Interactive Lab
Eborn Interactive has become an integral supplier when it comes to stylish and functional web solutions, and also the design of digital presentations and anything else that we want to give a professional impression. By Eborn Interactives well-designed customized solutions, we save a lot of time and get many positive comments from our stakeholders. Thumbs up!
Anne A Marbrandt
SEO, Nyföretagarcentrum Öresund
In Ola, we have seen we have a helpful, dedicated and reliable resource, with professional pride has balanced recommendations and supplies. Based on our requirements and wishes for design, functionality and deadlines, Ola has in every way met our expectations with customized and user-friendly solutions.
Henrik Engelund
CEO, core:workers - Copenhagen
Superb quality, fast service! Eborn Interactive helped us get that final touch on our website that made it became very stylish and professional looking.
Pamela Nunez
Wallgren Arkitekter
Eborn Interactive has, in an exemplary manner, helped us to realize a professional platform for communication with our users and as a display window for a curious public. The successful result is the fruit of good communication and a great sensitivity to the customer's desires and needs. Through a personal and committed approach, we have always felt safe throughout the whole process.
Rickard Deltinger
Principal, Malmö Montessori school
Ola has helped me with various jobs associated with Triangelbolaget, and a collaboration called Easy Fibre, both websites. Jobs are always well executed and some times also with Easy Fibres danish unit. When it comes to WordPress and what can be done with this platform - Ola knows just about everything, if not to say EVERYTHING. Appreciated!
Anders Nyman
SEO, Triangelbolaget
Ola should have a huge praise for the the website he designed for the association of Werner's friends. His expertise in this area is vast and the website he created have proved extremely appreciated. Praises hails. In connection with updates, and in the efforts to keep it alive, Ola has been very helpful when the technical knowledge of the operation has failed. Eborn Interactive is warmly recommended.
Gunnar Göransson
Secretary, The association of Werner's friends