Smoother editing with multiblocks

WordPress has been using the new Gutenberg content editor for some time now. With it, you build your pages and posts with different blocks. There is also the possibility of adding different combinations of blocks, so-called patterns.

There is a large set of standard blocks (core) and patterns to choose from, but it is also possible to use code to create your own customized blocks. Eborn Interactive does just this, creating customized blocks for our clients that are completely adapted to the client’s needs, both in terms of appearance and administrative demands. Where WordPress standard blocks act as basic building blocks with highly general customization options, our custom blocks are often more complex and can consist of a combination of several sub-blocks, both standard blocks and proprietary, hence the name Multiblocks. In other words, they are more like a pattern (combination of blocks) rather than WordPress’ own standard blocks, with very specific customization possibilities for each client’s unique needs and demands.

Example of a hero block solution where you can choose between two different basic looks and add text in a text box directly in the editor with preset text formats for headline and subtitle as well as adding an image with instant visual feedback directly in the editor.

Greater flexibility and instant visual feedback

By producing our own blocks, we have the opportunity to offer our clients a simpler and more flexible update solution where we can meet specific needs and wishes down to the smallest detail. The customer also receives immediate visual feedback on the adjustments made directly in the backend environment, which makes the update easier, nicer and clearer.

Example of a text-column solution where you can choose between two to four columns with preset text formats for headings and subtitles that you easily add directly in the editor, as well as the option to add images to the columns with instant visual feedback. If you do not want images in the columns, these can be easily deleted.

Please feel free to contact us and we’ll tell you more about how we can help you in simplifying how you update your website with customized multiblocks developed based on your specific needs.