The incubator and Science park Krinova wanted a new website that was more accessible than its previous one. They turned to the communications agency Länge Leve kommunikation, which in turn hired Eborn Interactive for the construction itself.

The website is extensive and contains several content types such as news feed, event management, listing of ongoing projects, meeting room booking and newsletter registration. Large amounts of content would also be imported from their previous site and adapted in the new form. The website would also be adapted for accessibility according to new legal requirements for public actors.

A specific request from the client was also simplicity and flexibility in the administration of the website. That’s why around 20 so-called multiblocks came out, i.e. tailor-made content blocks specifically produced according to the client’s needs and the websites graphical appearance to make the update as simple and smooth as possible.

Client: Länge leve kommunikation
Assignment included: Code, HTML/CSS, WordPress implementation, Animation and effects, Responsivity, Adjustments for high resolution screens, Tailored multiblocks, Accessibility
Launch year: 2023
Category: Website