Interactive Annual Report Region Kronoberg

Region Kronberg had a wish to make a digital version of their annual aeport and turned to their communications agency Länge Leve for help. Länge Leve, in turn, contacted Eborn Interactive to realize the ideas about this. The annual report was supposed to feel alive and appealing to visitors with nice tables and charts that preferably would be animated to make the presentation come alive.

The annual report would also be built in such a way that it would be as easily as possible to add reports for coming years. Of course, the annual report would also work well on different devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones which was certainly a challenge because of the type of content the report contained.

Client: Länge Leve Kommunikation
Assignment included: Code, Animation and effects, Code-based animation, Element design, Responsivity, Adjustments for high resolution screens
Launch year: 2018
Category: Website