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Are you satisfied with your website ? Does it feel modern and up-to -date ? Does it work well on mobile devices? Are you on the top in search listings ? Do you keep your website updated ?

Eborn Interactive’s core business is building websites . For direct customers and as a sub-consultant to communications agencies and advertising agencies. We build modern websites with the latest technology. The page will be felt up-to -date, be easy to navigate and well structured. Furthermore, it should not be difficult to keep the site updated. It should be as simple and easy as possible to update the content. This is very important for the site to remain alive. Eborn Interactive therefore uses WordPress and authoring tools. WordPress is an extremely user-friendly CMS but can nevertheless cause problems for the non-technical user. Therefore, we are not content with WordPress standard functionality for updating but we build customized solutions for your specific needs updating . Would you then , despite the simplicity of forgetting how to update a particular piece of content , we also offer a personalized support page where the help files in the form of instructional videos, screenshots and other documentation, specifically tailored to your particular website, always available. Everything to the administration of the site to function as well as possible. Of course, you can of course call or email us if any questions should arise.

Our offer includes:

  • Modern web design
  • Responsive design (design adapted for computers and mobile devices)
  • Retina Ready. Graphics and images suitable for high-resolution displays
  • WordPress CMS
  • Tailored site structure
  • Tailored content orientated update solutions for your unique needs
  • Visitor statistics via Google Analytics
  • Backward compatibility towards older browsers
  • Enhanced security measures against hacker attacks
  • Advanced SEO (search engine optimization), as an add on service
  • Personal support pages with instructions (movies, series screenshot and pdf files) how you update your web site
  • Free support by phone and email

Pre-made-themes – No thanks!

Eborn Interactive always build their wordpress websites from scratch and never use pre-made-themes. A pre-made-theme can be a good solution for those who want to quickly bring up a website for a cheap price, but if you´re serious about your website, it is a bad solution. A pre-made-theme is built for you to be able to adapt it to your needs without having to write any code. The downside of this approach is that you often get a lot more than you need, which makes the website much more complicated to administer and keep up to date than it should be. Rarely do you get exactly what you want without having to compromise with the solutions offered.

However, if you already have a website today based on a pre-made-theme, we can still help you out.


Eborn Interactive produces banners in HTML5 (earlier Flash). As a subcontractor, we have made banners for many large companies such as Microsoft, Arla, MSN, FL Smith, Maersk and Subaru. We work with programmed animation instead of the traditional timeline-based. This streamlines banner versioning (to produce different formats of the banner), significantly saving both time and money.

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