About Eborn Interactive

Eborn Interactive delivers interactive solutions (websites and banners etc.) to companies and web, advertising and communications agencies. The main focus is on production of web sites with WordPress as  CMS platform, it can also be about banner production and animation.

Eborn Interactive build sites from scratch, either from the finished design sketches or taking care of the design as well. The result will be as appealling on the outside as on the inside. That is, the site will not only look good and be user friendly for the visitor. It should also be as simple as possible to maintain and update for the administrator, something that we put extra focus on.

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The man behind

Eborn Interactive is for now a one-man company run by me, Ola Eborn. I have a background as a graphic designer with 28 years of professional experience under my belt. I have worked with both web design, print design, 3d modeling/ animation, flash and even some app development. I have gone from being a pure graphic designer to a more technically oriented web developer. Today, web programming is my primary occupation where my core business is developing WordPress based web sites. Programming languages such as php, javascript, CSS and html is my everyday life. However, I have of course also great use of my sense for good graphic design in my work where ease of use and a fresh, modern design is an equally important factor of a successful website as that it works well technically.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS tool (Content Management System). This used to be a site administrator to seamlessly be able to update content on their web site. There are a variety of CSM tools on the market . Some cost money and other uses of open source and is free to use. WordPress belongs to the latter category. Among the free options there are a variety of CMS:es in which WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are among the most widely used. After testing both Joomla and Drupal , I have come to the conclusion that WordPress is by far the most user friendly system of the three. It has a modern and easy to understand interface and is easy to customize for different specific requirements. Many might associate WordPress with blogs, and that it is only a tool for creating blogs . It is true that WordPress originally built for this purpose, but today it has evolved into a full fledged CMS. The biggest CMS in the World.